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Chef's Choice

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Individual Project

- Project Duration : 10 weeks

The project began with the observation and identification of poorly designed products. The objective was to comprehend the associated issues and then redesign the product while preserving its existing technology.




The selected product is a kitchen lighter, an item commonly used multiple times a day. Unfortunately, its poor design and unappealing aesthetics make it uncomfortable to use. The issues with this product often go unnoticed due to its small size and short duration of use.

In the current context of busy working parents and individuals, food options typically include:

a) Having a cook prepare the meals.

b) Ordering food from a restaurant.

c) Preparing meals on a weekly basis.

d) Opting for fast food, which is often unhealthy.

To foster an environment where individuals and families can enjoy cooking together and feel like accomplished chefs, it is crucial to use efficient and visually appealing kitchen products in the process.


After conducting thorough user research, the product has been redesigned to ensure comfortable use and accommodate users of various age groups.



Product parts

The tapered ignition end can be easily unscrewed and reattached, allowing for convenient cleaning of the end as needed.

The 178-degree bend ensures effortless handling of the burner, even when a vessel is placed on the stove, making it easier to use.

The crush grip ensures a comfortable hold on the product, while the spark is easily ignited with a simple press of the button.

Product in context


Product working

When the button is pressed down, the head of the device is struck with force, resulting in the generation of a spark.

Product internal parts


lighter study images.jpg

Product internal parts

3_working dwg.jpg

Current product study

A gas lighter is a device used to ignite gas stove burners without automatic ignition systems. It contains a piezoelectric crystal that produces an electric spark when struck by a spring-loaded hammer.

As the push button is pressed, the inner spring of the gas lighter gets loaded, causing the hammer to strike the impact pad with force. This impact generates voltage in the piezoelectric crystal, producing a spark through the electrodes at the ignition head.

Within a second or two, the thumb's momentum generates a powerful spark of 7kV voltage, which effectively ignites the air-gas mixture near the burner.

Product Study 

working drawing full.jpg

Product Study - Understanding of Internal parts

user research.jpg

Pain Points

• Dirt accumulates and is challenging to remove, especially when oil and grime adhere to the surface. Opening the components for cleaning purposes is a complicated task.

• Over time, the body of the lighter becomes sticky or rusted, resulting in a slippery and inconvenient grip during use.

• The current ones lack visual appeal and aesthetics.

•  Frequently, people unknowingly use it with wet fingers, and pressing the button in such a situation can sometimes result in a mild electric shock passing through the thumb.

User research


user profiling 3.jpg
user profiling 2.jpg

1.     Working individuals 

  living alone

2.    Working parents

3.    Housewives and       Househusbands

User profiling

Concepts 2.jpg
Concept 4.jpg
Concept 3.jpg
Concept 5.jpg
Concept 6.jpg
Angle exploration.jpg

Concept and Form development

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